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A life less wasteful

A life less wasteful

Just because something has been used doesn’t mean it can never be used again. If we learn to make the most of what we already have, we find that we don’t end up purchasing unnecessary items when we have things in the home that could do the same job.

One of the greatest contributors to the level of our nation’s food waste is “use by” and “best before” dates. Retailers are legally required to include safe consumption dates or quality dates on their products, but this system of food labeling can lead to many perfectly edible items being thrown away.

We touched on this  at our event last year, and the general consensus was that using our senses to gauge whether a food is edible or not is a great way to avoid unnecessary waste – with the exception of products with a strict “use by” date.  

This applies particularly to vegetables and fruits which often end up in the bin. We as customers can decide when they are no longer edible by feeling and smelling them and recognising that advisory dates don’t have to be the final say.

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