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Fresh Yellowtail Snapper Fish - Whole

Fresh Yellowtail Snapper Fish - Whole is available to buy in increments of 2
Each fresh whole Yellowtail Snapper Fish from Fresh Fish Overnight, comes in a range of size from 1 - 2 pound. It is handpicked by our quality control specialist to assure that our customers are getting the best and freshest fish every time. The Yellowtail Snapper Fish is one of the tastiest fish harvested fresh from Florida waters. It has a mild tasty flavor with a light, lean white meat and a firm texture, making it the best of the Snapper family. The Yellowtail Snapper is low in Sodium and a good source of Vitamin B12 and Phosphorus, as well as a great source of Protein, Niacin and Selenium. Yellow Snapper is native to the Western Atlantic Ocean including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. We will ship to you the best fresh fish overnight.