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Maine Lobster Roll Kit for 8


This wonderful bundle contains all you need to make the most delicious Maine Lobster Rolls at home. Enough for 8 people.
The included 2lbs. of premium Maine Lobster meat (precooked) ready to mix with the rest of the included ingredients are sure to deliver on a premium Lobster Roll meal for your family and friends.

The do it yourself Lobster Rolls bundle includes all you need to make 8 delicious Lobster Rolls:

- 2 lb. bag of vacuumed pack Maine Lobster Meat
- 8 small frozen French rolls
- Mayonnaise
- 1 Lemon
- Chopped Parsley
- Spices

Enjoy this great Lobster Rolls, and tell your friends about it.

About the Lobster Rolls: A traditional lobster roll is a sandwich filled with lobster meat served on a steamed bun or similar roll, so that the opening is on the top rather than on the side. The Maine/New England variation of this sandwich contains diced celery or scallion, and mayonnaise. The sandwich may also contain lettuce, lemon juice, salt and black pepper. Traditional New England restaurants serve lobster rolls with potato chips or french fries on the side.